Privacy & Policy

SMS Service

P1: If identification of SMS text is Unicode SMS this means that the SMS text contains characters not supported by GSM or Latin1 character sets. Note: Unicode SMS messages are limited to 70 characters, unlike Normal SMS messages which can contain up to 160 characters.

P2: Customer must send test with test button or create test list to make sure SMS is working for all operators; due to some text blocked by local mobile company such as win, money, lucky draw, cash....

P3: SMS's credit count all sent numbers include Delivered , Undelivered,..... There is no refundable.

P4: SMS's credit will never expired.

Email Marketing Service

Send us your data at least 24 hours before time to campaign. Sending process may take up to 3 days to finish. 
We only help prepare basic template if you need advance you can design by yourself and send us html code.
Email content may attach some ads at footer by perclick.

Banner Ads Service

We only accept 300x250px banner ads on and other of our websites.

Facebook Service

We share your data to 300,000 fans of our pages and 200,000 members of our groups we admin.

All Services

P1: Customer (Who using PERCLICK Info 's services / any of service) understand that perclick team only provides services mean we are not responsible or warranty that your products / services will be sold. What we can promise is we are giving you best technology and trying our best to reach your target.

P2: All PERCLICK Info's services are prepaid services; For SMS service you can request 25 credits for test before order.

P3: All services there is no refun.

P4: All pricing here , Please do not ask us quotation because price can be changed from time to time to avoid conflict.

P5: TAX is responsible of customer.

Customer's Information

We keep all customer's data secret without rent/sale to any third party.

Note: Please send email to [email protected] for technical support. We suggest you send email better than call because we need to find solution for you or forward to operator provider team.

* Customer must use this application in legal law of Cambodia.
* This Privacy & Policy may be changed by perclick's team without priority notice.